Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beige for Every Face

Make up unobtrusively can be very often the best choice for every time and every face. Combinations of beige with pink or chocolate are never wrong. Here are some discreet tips.

1. Lipsticks Pure Color Chocolate, Estee Lauder
filled with chocolate and with taste of violet, excellent

2. Silk Gloss Sheer Frost, Max Factor - shade Silver Frost
Pure Color Crystal Gloss, Estee Lauder - shade White Chocolate
nail polish - Estee Lauder, shade Caramel Prism
discreet glaze for everyone

3. Balsam Yria, Yves Rocher, shade Corail Perle
something perfect for unobtrusive lips

4. Lip Fusion Plumping Pencil, Fusion Beauty, shade Nude
finest plumping pencil that make your lips younger and heightens them


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