Monday, October 10, 2005

5 masks for healthy skin

1. Wake-up Mask, Reneveil-Tonus, Yves Rocher
full of menthol which makes a wind on your face

2. Flash Nutrition Mask, Lancaster
good for dry skin filled with unique oils

3. Cellular Energizing Mask, La Praire
gives skin so needed energy and make skin very soft

4. Exfoliant Mask - Mint, Lavera
removes all dead skin on your face

5. Adstringent Mask, Dermacol
helps making your skin tighter and softer

few nature tips for healthy face
bananas - make puree and mix it with a bit of avocado oil, leave it on face about 15 minutes
apple - make puree and mix it with a bit of olive oil and yoghurt, leave it on face about 20 minutes
tomato - mix tomato puree with crushed almond, leave it on face 15-20 minutes


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