Beauty Kit

Thursday, January 12, 2006

skin like a velvet

Make-up is necessary especialy in the city. Your skin not only looks better, but make-up also helps protect it.
Here are two interesting tips for protective make-ups

Flawless perfection make-up, Max Factor
This make-up keeps your face fresh all day without any changes.

Radiant Pressed Powder, Matis
Structure of this make-up is enforced with vitamines that fits every skin type. It has molecules that are reflecting light and make your skin wiev soften.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Beige for Every Face

Make up unobtrusively can be very often the best choice for every time and every face. Combinations of beige with pink or chocolate are never wrong. Here are some discreet tips.

1. Lipsticks Pure Color Chocolate, Estee Lauder
filled with chocolate and with taste of violet, excellent

2. Silk Gloss Sheer Frost, Max Factor - shade Silver Frost
Pure Color Crystal Gloss, Estee Lauder - shade White Chocolate
nail polish - Estee Lauder, shade Caramel Prism
discreet glaze for everyone

3. Balsam Yria, Yves Rocher, shade Corail Perle
something perfect for unobtrusive lips

4. Lip Fusion Plumping Pencil, Fusion Beauty, shade Nude
finest plumping pencil that make your lips younger and heightens them

Fight Wrinkles

Do you want to fight with those annoying wrinkles and old skin ? Here are few usefull little helpers.

1. Inneov Strong, Inneov
pills helping skin recover it's strenght

2. Repairwear Deep Wrinkle Concentrate for Face and Eye, Clinique
activating cellules at the bottom of the wrinkles. Skin will be softened and stronger.

3. Temps Majeur Lotion, YSL
help cleansing, stimulating cellules, gives new energy to your tired skin

4. Advanced Eye Cream, Suractif Non-Stop Lifting, Lancaster
your soft skin around eyes will love it, removes wrinkles and bags under the eyes

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Beauty Tricks - Cleansing

Bad weather, smog and overuse of makeups do not help our skin. We should clean it regularly, but not everything is good for every skin. Here is a bit of good stuff.

1. South Pacific Purifying Facial Wash, Planet Spa
seaweed gel perfect for oil control

2. Cleansing Milk with White for Dry and Sensitive Skin, Lyslait, Sisley
perfect for very dry skin it also protects it before next damage

3. Micellar Make-up Removal Gel, La Roche-Posay
easy removes any makeup and dirtiness, it's very good also for very sensitive skin

4. Cleansing Gelee-Face, Eye and Lips, Dior
great for mascara removal and is so soft that is good for every type of skin

but remember it's good before any skin cleansing wash face at tepid water with some soft baby soap

Monday, October 10, 2005

5 masks for healthy skin

1. Wake-up Mask, Reneveil-Tonus, Yves Rocher
full of menthol which makes a wind on your face

2. Flash Nutrition Mask, Lancaster
good for dry skin filled with unique oils

3. Cellular Energizing Mask, La Praire
gives skin so needed energy and make skin very soft

4. Exfoliant Mask - Mint, Lavera
removes all dead skin on your face

5. Adstringent Mask, Dermacol
helps making your skin tighter and softer

few nature tips for healthy face
bananas - make puree and mix it with a bit of avocado oil, leave it on face about 15 minutes
apple - make puree and mix it with a bit of olive oil and yoghurt, leave it on face about 20 minutes
tomato - mix tomato puree with crushed almond, leave it on face 15-20 minutes